While many of us might never know what it feel like to lose a limb, here at Prestonsburg Healthcare Center we have an inspirational resident that has shown us all that life still goes on. Eighty year old resident Dewey Greer is proof that with determination and faith anything is possible.

Dewey has a faith that has seen him through life for some time. He lives by the inspiring words of scripture that says, “Anything is possible with God.”  Anyone that knows Dewey knows that he loves the Lord.  Therapist Melisa Bell has shared that every time she goes to Dewey’s room for his therapy sessions, he is usually reading his Bible. “He is such an inspiration to us all” were the words that Melisa shared with me.  “He has progressed so much in a short time, and now is up to walking on his prosthetic limb to 80 feet.”

The goal for Dewey is to return home and he knows that with the Lord in his life and hard work he will be home shortly.

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