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Heather Meade, age 32, began January 8th the same as always as she made her way to work at a competitor’s nursing home. What she encountered changed her life forever. A driver under the influence of drugs crossed the center line and totaled her vehicle. She was hospitalized for several days and underwent many surgeries before she came to our facility. Her sister-in-law is our Business Office Manager and she highly encouraged her to come here for rehab. She was very depressed and at one point was told that there was a 94 percent chance that she would lose her foot due to multiple fragile fractures. However, after extensive rehab by all disciplines, she was able to return home after two months to two excited daughters and one excited husband. She wasn’t completely Independent, but was able to return to her household tasks with modified approaches and compensation techniques to assist as she continued to heal. She returned home facing additional surgeries and accepting the fact that she may never be able to work again, but she had a more improved outlook on her life and knew there was some reason she survived that fateful day.

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