A New Pair of Eyes

Mark 8:18 Do you have eyes but fail to see, and ears but fail to hear? And don’t you remember?

I have been serving as Chaplain at Prestonsburg HealthCARE since mid June of this year. Recently our home participated in a community celebration called the Jenny Wiley Festival. Our Stakeholders and Elders worked together to win first prize in the parade with our “Happy Days” float!

I was blessed to be able to walk alongside our float during the parade handing out candy. Having worked with children most of my adult life, typically those who draw my eye are children.

However, as I walked down the crowded street I found myself surprisingly drawn to the elderly and those who were not able to secure a front row, curbside seat. While the children certainly were not left out, I made it a goal to greet and treat those who may be overlooked during such an event. Each one was delighted at the unusual recognition.

May we as Christ followers live each day asking the Holy Spirit to open our eyes to the will of God the Father and reach out with the love of Christ to those in need. May we indeed remember the miraculous work of our Lord and know that He is able to give us just what we need to be able to feed those who are hungry.