Prestonsburg HealthCare Camping Trip 2016

Sitting around a campfire, roasting marshmallow,s and swapping tales is a summer rite of passage–one that the elders from Prestonsburg HealthCare took full advantage of last week. A group travelled to the beautiful Jenny Wiley State Park campgrounds for an evening of fun and fellowship. While at the campground they enjoyed hot dogs, s’mores, and watermelon.

You could see the joy on their favors as they relived memories from years ago. As the flames from the fire licked the logs you could see the clock turn back. While reminiscing about camping with family and friends one elder recollected how he came to this very campground years ago and told us stories about all the fun he had.

We could all use a moment like that sometimes–to turn back time and remember all the fond memories we have. Don’t let time slip you by, be like our elders and enjoy it–live life to the fullest!