Kentucky Horse Park

When you think of Kentucky, several things come to mind. One can visit the eastern part of our state and view beautiful mountains and picturesque scenery, or you could travel to western Kentucky and explore the longest cave system in the world! Nestled near the center of the Bluegrass State, you will find the Horse Capitol of the World–Lexington, Kentucky. That’s where Prestonsburg HealthCare found itself recently–exploring the famous Kentucky Horse Park.

The Kentucky Horse Park Is home to the International Museum of the Horse, as well as the American Saddlebred Museum. Elders from Prestonsburg HealthCare visited the museums and toured the grounds of the Kentucky Horse Park. They enjoyed a demonstration about grooming and getting a show horse ready. The horse they got to observe was named Konnor, a belgian draft horse weighing in around 2000 pounds. After lunch, they saw a horse show that highlighted several breeds of beautiful horses and detailed their origins. One elder, Jack, said his favorite moment was getting up close and personal with Konnor.

It is amazing to see all that our great state has to offer. Our elders look forward to more adventures exploring the Bluegrass!