Holistic Care is coming to Prestonburg HealthCare!

What does holistic care mean? Is it just another fancy word to throw around and brag about, or is it a revolutionary concept in long term care? We firmly believe that it is a groundbreaking idea that will help shape and mold the landscape of healthcare for the rest of time. This new approach will allow for a greater bond between our stakeholders and elders and allow us to give more concentrated care where it is needed.

It will give each stakeholder the chance to focus on a small group of elders and assist them with the daily activities of life. This extraordinary process will open up a new avenue of care and most importantly, it will allow our elders to give as well as receive care. When we think of a long term care home, we often imagine the elders receiving the care only, but this view is sorely mistaken.

The residents become so involved in the lives of the stakeholders, that they show care for them daily. They mourn when we mourn, they laugh when we laugh, and our lives are so ensconced together they become inseparable. That truly is the meaning of Holistic Care – loving and caring for each other, elder and stakeholder alike.  ​