An Unexpected Gift

Driving down the road with her family on April 15, 2015, 15 year old Mikia McCoy hears on the radio that UK basketball team member, Dakari Johnson, will be at Pikeville, Ky Hillbilly Days festival at the Appalachian Wireless booth. Like any fan, she is determined to get to meet Mr. Johnson and get his autograph! The catch is that Mikia doesn’t want the autograph for herself but rather for an Elder at the nursing home where her mother works as Billing Office Manager. It’s no secret at Prestonsburg HealthCare that Jack is UK basketball’s biggest fan. Knowing that, Mikia immediately thought of him. When she got to the booth to meet Mr. Johnson she asked how much the pictures cost. She had been given $20 spending money which she discovered was the exact amount she would need to be able to deliver an autographed picture of Dakari Johnson to her friend, Jack. The look on Jack’s face when she gave him the picture made it worth it all. Mikia’s generous heart has reminded us all that it is truly better to give than to receive.