Prestonsburg HealthCare Center Stakeholders gathered around their computers on March 12th & 13th to unite their hearts & minds together to understand how to better utilize the Signature pillar of Spirituality within our home.

“In a move that boldly combines two of Signature’s three cultural pillars, the Signature Sprituality Department is poised to host the first annual Spirituality LearnFEST virtual learning conference this week on Thursday and Friday, March 12-13.

The event will feature sessions that fold spirituality into every aspect of long-term care and health care, from clinical offerings to legislative involvement and action.

‘The Spirituality LearnFEST is the first of its kind,’ said Dianne Timmering, Vice President of Spirituality and Legislative Affairs. ‘It’s about just imagining what the power of spirituality could do in our halls if it were truly activated to its full potential.’

The conference will kick off with an opening by Timmering and Signature President and CEO Joe Steier, followed by a keynote address from Dr. Meera Alagaraja, of the University of Louisville’s College of Education & Human Development. Alagaraja partnered with Signature’s Spirituality Department on a study related to inner well-being and how it impacts employees’ workplace experience.

‘Those employees who have a strong sense of inner well-being experience meaningfulness in work and are more satisfied with their jobs than those who do not,’ she said. ‘This is great news for employees as it encourages them to focus on ways that enhance inner well-being or spirituality as a way of dealing with everyday stress related to work.’

Timmering noted that the learning conference promotes an interdisciplinary approach and personal individual growth, with sessions recently added to address bitterness and forgiveness in workplace dynamics.

Additional sessions will address the link between spirituality and dementia care, including Signature’s participation in the Music & Memory program; chaplain involvement in rehabilitative therapy; and ‘God and Politics,’ courtesy of former Kansas Gov. Mark Parkinson, who is currently President and CEO of the American Health Care Association.

Attendees will also learn about palliative care, episodic care and empathy as it ties to adverse events, which can be challenging to navigate and difficult for residents, families and caregivers.

‘Signature believes strongly in caring for the whole person, a deeply intertwined physical and emotional well-being,’ said Lynn Fieldhouse, Vice President – General Counsel of Litigation Services. ‘Signature Chaplains have played a vital role in helping to prevent, mitigate, contain, and sow the seeds of healing during some of our highest resident and facility risk events.'”
– SHC Newsroom