Prestonsburg Health Care Center Earns Industry Honor

Advanced gold-qapi

Providigm’s Embracing Quality Awards Program recently awarded our team with its Advanced Accreditation honor and the Embracing Quality Award for Customer Satisfaction. The industry award recognizes skilled nursing centers across the United States and Canada for achieving outstanding quality outcomes. Providigm’s Quality Assurance Performance Improvement program awards accreditation to top performing nursing homes and centers for a commitment to quality and excellence.

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Winter Wonderland!

We are enjoying the snow at Prestonsburg HealthCare! A group of Stakeholders and Elders got to go out and enjoy the beautiful snow in Prestonsburg. Everyone loves a good snowball fight!

Mothers Day 2017

Mother’s are a special figure in each one of our lives. They have the ability to seemingly cure all sickness and solve any problem. As we grow older they always have helpful advice and support us whatever the situation may be. At Prestonsburg Health Care Center we realize the importance of having that kind of person in our lives. We wanted to honor them in a special way. On Mothers Day we invited all our elders and families to join us for a special Mothers Day lunch. Prepared with care by our lovely dietary team. We all have someone who played in important role in our lives, be it a mother, grandmother, aunt or a good friend that showed us what love was about. Let us honor them continually and show them how much they mean to us!

Easter Celebrations

Families and friends joined together recently at Prestonsburg HealthCare to celebrate Easter. The dietary team fixed a classic Easter dinner that was enjoyed by families, elders, and stakeholders alike! Our chaplain read a passage from the book of Mark that highlighted the resurrection of Christ. It was a great reminder of why we celebrate Easter.

Hot and Fresh Donuts

Hot and fresh!

When the light is on the donuts are fresh, and the lights were on this past week at Prestonsburg HealthCare. Elders and stakeholders gathered around to make hot and fresh donuts. Using canned biscuit dough as the base and a variety of glazes and coatings to finish, the residents had a blast! Whether classic glazed, coated in powdered sugar, or a great cinnamon-sugar mix, all of them turned out delicious. The smiles were all around–from the making to the eating. One elder was sure to share the love as she passed out samples to everyone she could find. It was a great simple activity that was fun for the whole family!

A Day at the Spa

Most people enjoy being pampered occasionally and our elders are no different. We had an afternoon filled with good food, relaxing manicures and pedicures, and some great company! While some had their hair curled or styled, others were treated to makeup and nail polish. Then they finished up with a wonderful lunch and some good conversation.

It makes a good reminder for us that sometimes we need to make time and give a few brief moments for some relaxation. Not just for ourselves, but for others as well!

Prestonsburg HealthCare Neighborhood Face-Off

Everyone enjoys a little competition now and then, and Prestonsburg HealthCare is no different. Our two neighborhoods (Ocean Side and Memory Lane) recently turned into Candy Cane Lane and Winter Wonderland. Stakeholders and elders both decked the halls and decorated their hearts out. Over a several day span, teams from each neighborhood worked to transform their side into a scene worthy of a champion. Chaplain Stephen Clark said, “It has been an intense competition, but our elders have loved every minute of it.” Three local judges came and toured each hallway. When the votes were tallied, Candy Cane Lane won in a split decision, but both sides agree that the true winners are the residents. By the look on the faces of all the residents, it would be hard to disagree with that!

Hall of Fame 2016

Once every year at Prestonsburg HealthCare, we take time to give honor and recognition to a few elders, stakeholders, and community members who have affected us over the years. Our Hall of Fame ceremony is a wonderful time to celebrate the accomplishments of some of our own.

This year we honored elders John Scalf, Minnie Akers, and Brenda Camp, all of whom are some of the most respected and deserving elders in our home. Stakeholder Lynn Watts was recognized for over 22 years of service and for a host of personal and professional accomplishments. Judy Stephens, a community leader who volunteers and spends a great deal of her time assisting our home, was inducted into the Hall of Fame as well.

There was a great number in attendance with friends, family members, community members, and state officials in attendance.

Join us in welcoming the 2016 Class of The Prestonsburg HealthCare Hall of Fame!